Form: “…by which shape is determined, as distinguished from the material of which it is composed, giving it individuality and a distinctive character”.

The aim of this 7-day Master Class is to achieve a “sublime form”. The process is to discard the superfluous and to identify and develop a personal concept. The result will be a form that is the simple expression of a complex thought and students will be encouraged to adopt a sculptural approach to their work – a search for form and push their glass in a new direction rather than master a technique. In order to develop your aesthetic and conceptual perspective, while negotiating the technical challenges of deep-slumping into 3-step ceramic moulds, the beginning will be with pencil and paper, drawing from the immediate environmental stimuli surrounding The Glass Studio during a field-trip.

Students will challenge themselves further by designing a piece made up of only a single colour of Reactive Bullseye Glass sheet, either transparent or opalescent, with mark-making realised through the application of accessory glasses such as frits, powders, confetti and stringers.

The images above show samples of the techniques that will be discussed.

Workshop 1

Saturday 30th August 2014 – Friday 5th September 2014


Workshop 2

Monday 8th September 2014 – Sunday 14th September 2014

Please call the studio on 9375 9810 or email for further information or to secure your place on this amazing workshop.

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