Guest Artists Workshops

Art Glass Studio strives to provide you with opportunities to learn new techniques and be inspired by highly talented and recognised national and international Glass Artists.  We have had the pleasure of hosting workshops with Alicia Lomne, Bernard Stoner, Bob Leatherbarrow, Brenda Page, Carrie Iverson, Catherine Newell, David Reekie, Denise Pepper, Evelyn Dunstan, Gerry King, Judi Elliott, Karl Harron, Miriam Di Fiore, Narcissus Quagliata, Nathan Sandberg, Richard Parrish, Rudi Gritsch, Ruth McCallum-Howell, Shona Firman, Steven Klein, Vaughn Bisschops, Sylvia Levensen, Amanda Simmons, Stacy Smith, Galia Amsel and continue to source more amazing artists to conduct further workshops.

Upcoming Guest Artist Workshops are outlined below.